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WELCOME- Hello there. I am Dartharrow but on here my user name is undernight. Plz sign up and mail me in the game your username on the website. This guild is going to be composed of PvP, raiders, and new toons. So most likely we are going to be a PvP, raiding, and lvling guild lol. This is so it work with everyone no matter who you are, you will find a group of people that like what you like. Please atm have some respect for all other members and the time it takes to make a guild go viral. I am tryng my hardest to get out word out there. Now lets talk about the ranks.

NOOBIE- This is for new people who have resently joined. We have 3 main guys me and my two pals. They are the vice kings so look at them if you need there names. We will be you judges to see if you are right for the guild. A 2/4 vote is what you need to pass. We will just talk to you aks some questions and watch you to see if you are fit for our guild. As a noobie the only right you get it the right to guild chat. Nothing else you can do. Once you past the test you move on to a knight.

Knight- This rank is for people who have proven they can be in the guild. This will be the most common rank. Atm they can only take one thing out of the guild bank, since we only have one tab. As we get more tabs we will expand the limits of all classes allowences of the bank. You will probaly be stuck on this rank for a while enless you are lvl 60-80, because of our next rank.

SORRY- sorry for wait guys but i gtg so i will finish as soon as possible

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undernight, Nov 17, 10 5:46 PM.
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